Sharing some info here about Prime My Body’s Body Therapy salve. Brimming with 1,000mg of organically sourced cannabinoids and a bevy of botanical extracts, Body Therapy eases aches, strains, and tension on-the-spot.

An all-purpose, full-strength industrial hemp salve, Body Therapy’s mingling of high-quality cannabinoid isolate and wellness botanicals support the relief and release of muscle and joint discomfort.
Body Therapy is a non-greasy hemp salve that’s easy to apply at home or on-the-go. Penetrating the skin upon contact, the benefits of each plant-based ingredient begin soothing on the spot.

*Supports deep tissue and muscle tension release
*Promotes relief of joint discomfort caused by overuse, aging, and everyday wear & tear
*Eases discomfort from minor injuries and strains
*Supports post-workout recovery
*Helps soothe irritated or damaged skin

How Hemp Helps Muscles & Joints

One of the primary reasons we experience uncomfortable muscle or joint aches is due to damage to the musculoskeletal system and imbalances of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our body’s ECS—consisting of endocannabinoid molecules, receptors, and enzymes—communicates directly with the musculoskeletal system, influencing balanced states of wellness. Supplementing with hemp-based phytocannabinoids bolsters the ECS’ capacity to regulate discomfort and promotes natural repair processes. In addition, phytocannabinoids work directly with TRPV1 receptors to mediate pain perception.

A Holistic Approach To Support Relief & Release
Muscle and joint issues run deeper than just physical pain. Soreness, range of motion loss, and an inability to do the physical activities you love can take a toll on your emotional psyche and mental well-being. Swipe through our holistic ingredients to better understand why Body Therapy is a soothing salve for every body.

Cannabinoid Isolate
Sourced from organically grown hemp plants, cannabinoid molecules interact instinctively with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors helping to regulate pain signals and responses, and harmonize the body’s natural balance or homeostasis.

A terpene derived from camphor trees, camphor oil provides a natural cooling sensation for angry muscles and joints. Used for centuries in holistic wellness, camphor is known to improve blood flow and supports the alleviation of discomfort caused by inflammation.

Meadowsweet Extract
Sourced from the meadowsweet plant—a member of the rose family—this extract component is best known for its soothing, regenerative properties. It contains natural salicylates—a common chemical in aspirin.

Cera Alba
Kind to the skin, cera alba, also known as beeswax, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe muscles and soft tissue.

Calendula Flower Extract
Sourced from marigold flowers, calendula relaxes muscles and muscle contractions. Its flavonoids and linoleic acid support relief from soft tissue inflammation.
How Does Body Therapy Work?
Muscle and joint issues run deeper than just physical pain. Soreness, range of motion loss, and an inability to do the physical activities you love can take a toll on your emotional psyche and mental well-being.

What is Body Therapy Used For?

A synergistic blend of natural ingredients, Body Therapy is a topical salve designed to relieve physical discomfort associated with sore muscles and joints. It can also be used as a topical relaxation application for any type of physical discomfort relief.

Why is Body Therapy so Effective?

When we experience physical discomfort, we want relief FAST! The synergistic effects of Body Therapy’s carefully blended industrial-strength ingredients are formulated to provide fast relief from all types of discomfort. This unique formula effectively uses Earth’s natural ingredients to address physical discomfort, setting it apart from pain relief creams found on the market that use synthetic ingredients.

Is the Hemp used in Body Therapy Full Spectrum and does it contain THC?

No. Body Therapy uses a 100% pure hemp isolate, which is a broad-spectrum isolate. This product contains no THC and will not produce any psychoactive results. However, as with any cannabinoid-based product, if you are subject to drug testing, you may wish to consult with your employer before using.

How Much Hemp Extract is In Body Therapy?
Body Therapy is a proprietary blend of ingredients, carefully formulated to yield a specific result. We have added 1,000 mg of Hemp Extract into this specific formulation.

Where Can I Buy Body Therapy?

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