Prominent CA testing lab: 84% of Medical MJ samples contaminated

The dark side of the cannabis industry in the United States. As the former owner of a supply store for growers, I am aware of how many growers utilized Eagle 20 and other extremely dangerous chemicals in the production of their crops. The systemic nature of these chemicals means that they pervade all aspects of the plant and any resultant products that are derived from the plant. There are NO ORGANIC STANDARDS in the cannabis industry in this country. It is completely unregulated. Caveat emptor. Hence when I heard that Prime My Body’s Nanoenhanced Hemp Oil was sourced from organic GMO free hemp in Europe and refined into CBD oil in a scientific setting, I became open to benefiting from this powerful medicine myself and sharing it with my friends and family.


Excerpted from Marijuana Business Daily:

“Prominent CA testing lab: 84% of MJ samples contaminated

The cannabis industry still has a pesticide problem.

Steep Hill, one of the leading names in cannabis testing, said in a press release Wednesday that a whopping 84% of marijuana samples submitted to its Berkeley, California, lab came back positive for pesticide residues. The results were for samples tested during a 30-day period ending Oct. 10.

The residue findings include chemicals such as myclobutanil, a key ingredient in Eagle 20, a pesticide often favored by marijuana growers for its effectiveness against pests such as powdery mildew.
But Eagle 20 and other potentially toxic pesticides have become a hot-button topic in the marijuana trade in recent years, with many states enacting strict regulations regarding what types of pest controls cannabis growers are allowed to employ. Myclobutanil – which was found in more than 65% of Steep Hill’s samples – converts into hydrogen cyanide when burned, so if such residues are present on cannabis flower that is smoked, that means consumers are inhaling potentially dangerous chemicals.

Many in the industry have begun moving away from pesticides and toward more organic methods of fighting pests, but there’s still a long way to go, as evidenced by Steep Hill’s findings.

“These results were significantly higher than expected and are cause for concern for California cannabis consumers,” Steep Hill said in the release.”



2 thoughts on “Prominent CA testing lab: 84% of Medical MJ samples contaminated

  1. Hello! I appreciate your post, I am an Affiliate for PMB as well. I am being asked to see the results of our tested oil and if I can provide the details and facts behind where it’s farmed. Do you know these answers?

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